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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1.

Stewardship Primer

This month I wanted to start talking about stewardship, a primer for our stewardship season in November. At that time, there will be a couple of consecutive Sundays where we will talk more in-depth about three parts of stewardship: Time, Talents, and Treasure. But if our stewardship season is in November, why am I bringing it up now? Stewardship, particularly when talking about money (or part of the Treasure topic), can be a sensitive subject in any kind of relationship. This sensitivity includes the church. For that reason, I don’t think it is fair to put it all in one time of the year. Since stewardship and how you give to the church is such an important topic, it is something that must be prayerfully considered. And given how much transition Faith Lutheran has experienced over the last couple of years, I think it is important to take such important topics seriously, carefully, and with intentionality. 

For some background to stewardship, it is an important piece of our spirituality and how we express our faith. It goes all the way back to the book of Genesis when, after God created everything, God gave humans dominion over the new creation. Dominion, it is important to note, is not domination but instead a condition where we are put up as stewards over the Earth and all that is in it. As stewards, we do not own what we are set to care for because it all belongs to the Master of all Creation: God. But as part of God’s creation, we are called to responsibly steward all that has been put in our care. 

Time, Talents, and Treasure are three of those things we are stewards of and are also fairly close to us in terms of what we as individuals can influence. There are two requests here. In stewardship season, we make pledges of what we will give financially in the upcoming year to the church. So one request is to look back at what your commitment was for giving to the church and see if that is up to date. I encourage you to also turn back to the financial report in this forecaster and see that we have been running a little lower than expectations. The other request is to prayerfully consider whether you are in a place where you can increase your giving. We live with a reality that money is the conduit which allows the church building to stay open and the humble pastor to receive a living. And we as the church would like to get to a place where we are operating at our planned budget level, and that we do not have to budget with money from the endowment fund or other sources like that. I believe we can get to that place in time and prayerful consideration. Furthermore, it is not just about the giving of money. As I said before there, treasure is only one of the three stewardship topics along with time and talents. Time and talents are areas where I would invite everyone to see where they can get involved in the church, seeing what committees could use some more people on them or coming to events that you may be new to. Afterall, unlike the financial pledge drive, there is no “commitment” request for time and talents. I would like everyone to think about their connection with the church, and consider finding one area where they could be more involved in. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for what they already give! It is really amazing how welcoming and generous this congregation is, it is truly amazing to see those aspects highlighted in this community of faith. Stewardship is important and is not something to shy away from, so I invite any questions anyone might have, to come and talk with me about all of this.

Many Thanks and Blessings, 

Pastor John Barton



We gather for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30 am for a traditional service of worship, that includes a Liturgy of Praise, Hymns, Choir and the sharing of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.   From September to May we have Sunday School available for all children ages 3-11.  (5th Grade)

Following worship, we gather for a time of Fellowship, coffee and light breakfast foods.  

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Upcoming Events for August:


8/10 - Baby Shower for Sarah and Pr. John Barton

8/13 All circle Bible study and Brunch; planned by WELCA.

8/18 Sunday school starts along with Blessing of Backpacks

8/18 - Fundraiser Luncheon for the Stewardship Convention


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