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Message from our Bridge Pastor John Bunge


Summer’s ending –

There are the four seasons of the year, six seasons in the church, many seasons in life. For all of us the change in seasons comes. Officially summer ends September 21st but for the school children in our church, summer ends mid-August. So on August 12th we will have the blessing of the back packs. Schools have gradually been reducing summer breaks and increasing breaks during the year. They found out if we do not keep up on geometry and math analysis over the summer we lost some the learning throughout the year. Can you imagine forgetting some of the German you learned in High School?

I have noticed that the seasons do not stop changing after High School and College. The seasons of life keep coming. The mirror seems to reflect the same image day after day. But I do see it in others. I see in my children the fast pace of change. My daughter moves from whiz kid to Stanford graduate. My son moves from child to adult to husband to friend. I see my mother moving through the seasons of life as she moves into assisted living. 

Liturgical churches like ours recognize that life has its seasons. We celebrate the seasons of our personal lives with baptisms, confirmations, weddings, funerals. But each year we move through the liturgical seasons as well. Advent waits for Christmas, Christmas is followed by Epiphany, the Magi and miracles. Lent waits for Holy Week and Easter is followed by Pentecost. Right now, we are in the season of Pentecost, which is the longest. It is a green season for growth. 

You are in a special season in the life of your church You are in the process of calling a permanent pastor. I hope this season can be a green season of growth. Growth in your Christian care for each other. Growth as you instruct the children of our parish. Growth as you welcome new members.

When Connie and I joined Faith four years ago, you welcomed us with open arms. I hope you will keep your eyes open for the visitors among us and welcome them as much as you welcomed us. In fact, we have coffee mugs to hand out to visitors on the shelves beneath the guest book. We do not want our visitors to get away without being “mugged”. 

Different seasons of our life bring visitors into lives. Some of the things that visit us as we age are not too welcome. On the other hand, strangers who can become friends are truly a blessing. Either way God is with us through ALL of life’s seasons, so we can welcome each one. May this season in the life of Faith bring unusual and lasting blessings. 

Grace and Peace, 

Pastor John Bunge 

PS: Speaking of the seasons of life, Connie and I will be on vacation August 18th through the 4th of September, visiting our daughter in San Francisco and cruising Hawaii. During that time, you will be blessed with leadership of Pastor Chuck Aden on the 19th and 26th of August. Bishop Andrew Taylor will be with you on the September 2nd. After Labor Day the choir begins again and Sunday School will be in full swing. This may be a good season in life to volunteer. 


   Jesus said, " I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly."          John 10:10                     

With tongues of fire and ecstatic speech the disciples experienced the Pentecost.  Each person was moved to witness to the power and presence of God in Christ Jesus.    Come and join us in worship in this Season of Pentecost at Faith Lutheran, Menifee.

We gather for worship each Sunday morning at 9:30am for a traditional service of worship, that includes a Liturgy of Praise, Hymns, Choir and the sharing of the Sacrament of Holy Communion.   All are welcome!   

Following worship, we gather for a time of Fellowship, coffee and light breakfast foods, in our Fellowship Hall.   

 Come and join in the Fellowship!



We have the Blessing of Backpacks scheduled during worship service on Sunday, August 12th for anyone with children going back to school.  This might be something you would enjoy to ensure they get started on the right track.

Also, Sunday School resumes on August 19th, for those with school aged children, this would be an added benefit to visitng us at Faith and seeing what we are all about!

We have a CALL COMMITTEE: Bill Brauer, Julie Chevaraux, Gale Eury,Len Morris, Mike McGavran, Dee Seel, Amy Sinclair and Roxie Foss.   We are excited to be moving forward in our ministry as we begin the interview process for our next settled pastor.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

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